World Link Communications New Year Offer, 5 Mbps just for Rs. 1350.

World Link Communication

World Link Communication, one of the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Nepal introduced New Year offer in Internet and IP TV. The company announced the offer in the New Year eve.

According to the company, now you can surf the internet in 5Mbps just for Rs. 1350. The company also announced others packages from which the customer can choose the best for themselves.

S.N.TitleSpeedPrice (per month)Price (Including IP TV)
1)Fiber Home5 Mbps UnlimitedRs. 1350


Rs. 1600
2)Fiber Home Premium10Mbps UnlimitedRs. 1650Rs. 1900
3)Fiber – Thrill25 Mbps Volume BasedRs. 2050Rs. 2300
4)Fiber – Thill Premium50 Mbps Volume BasedRs. 3450Rs. 3700
5)Fiber Pro3 Mbps UnlimitedRs. 2050
6)Fiber Pro Premium6 Mbps UnlimitedRs. 3325

And the fiber router cost should be paid differently. For more information click here.

So, what do you think about World Link Communications ‘s New Year Offer? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.
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