AEE Action Camera, Flagship Killer Action Cam in Nepal.

AEE Action Camera

Actions camera are always awesome for anyone who wants to record an array footage in tough conditions. For such adventures, a good action cam should be able to stand up on the range of adverse conditions. Owning such versatile action cam is quite expensive.



Talking about the availability of this kind of action cams in Nepal is quite struggle. We might find some, but they do not have any official place to look and if anything goes wrong we have to depend upon the retailer/seller.

When we hear about the action cameras, what comes in our mind? Go Pro??? Isn’t it? However, there are some other companies, which manufactures better action cameras –  AEE Action cameras.

Recently AEE action cameras were launched in Nepal. The AEE manufactures products like action cameras and drones, etc. Their products are one of the best in the market.

The AEE is the World’s Most Versatile Action Camera. This camera can be worn or mounted to either your surfboard, bikes, cars, helmet or even yourself! This is the versatile camera is very popular with extreme sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers!

Actually, for the first time, we heard about this camera quite the time ago, but when we again saw this camera on CAN Infotech 2017 event, we could not help without testing the camera. The quality of the camera is superb and looks is also very nice.

AEE S71T+ with Wi-Fi

Talking about the design, the camera is eye-catching. It has the lens on the front (obviously), alongside with Wi-FI on/off switch key, light meter mode key, G-sensor activation key, and power button.

On the top, it has small LCD display, shutter button, and camera capture/record button and light indicators. On the right,  HDMI port, micro USB port and micro SD slot and on the left, it has the cooling hole, to regulate the cool air inside the camera. It also has a 2” detachable display, it can be attached at the back and detach if not needed. The detachable display is a touchscreen. This action camera is a little bit heavier than Go Pro and Xiaomi Yi cam.

Technical Specification

Video 4K15/2K30/1080p 60/960p60/720p120fps
Image 8, 12, 16 megapixel images
Features Burst, Time-lapse, Selfie Timer, G-sensor
Lens F2.8, 160O Angle of view, 10x Digital Zoom
Display 2” Touchscreen display
Battery Up to 1.5 hours of recording (1080p/30fps)
Connection Wi-Fi, mini USB, micros HDMI, AV out, microSD
Casing IP68, in casing watertight up to 100m


What to expect from AEE action cameras!

  • Comes with lots of extras as standard
  • New mounts are half the cost
  • Battery life
  • Much more affordable

Package Content:

TFT touch-screen, waterproof housing, camcorder plate, waterproof rear, lithium-ion battery, 2 pin mount, flat adhesive pad, curved adhesive pad, USB cable, quick stat guide.

AEE Action camera (AEE S71T Plus) is really a flagship killer. The company has priced it at Rs. 33000.

So, what do you think about AEE action camera, do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below?

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