Airtime Credit: Nepal Telecom announces new loan service

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Nepal Telecom recently issued a statement announcing their new service, called “ Airtime Credit ”. The telecom signed an agreement with the Hong Kong-based company, “Hemant Trade Center”, to bring the service. For the purpose of this agreement, Mr. Hemanta Agarawal, Director, represented Hemanta Trade Center, and Ms. Kamini Rajbhandari, Managing Director, represented the telecom. The company announced that Loan Facility service will be available for both GSM and CDMA users.

Similar to the Ncell’s Loan service, users can request for the loan. However, unlike Ncell, the company will not charge interest on the loan. The user can request for the loan only after your balance reached to the minimum threshold. After you recharge your main balance, the loan amount will be cut off from the balance.

ntc airtime credit
Official Statement of the Company

The company plans to start their service within 5 months of the agreement.  The company is hopeful that this service will be beneficial for its customers.

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