Five Apple products that you probably didn’t know about.


Well, we all are fascinated by the Apple’s products. Everything made by Apple gives you a feeling of worth. Even their book (not MacBook), a real paper printed book looks like as sleek as a gadget. However, there are lots of failure behind this success. Today, we are going to look at some Apple’s products that didn’t do well to the company, of which you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Apple Bandai Pippin: A game console!
Photo: TUAW

How many of you have played a game in Apple Pippin, probably none of you have ever heard about it. The company partnered with the Japanese toy manufacturing Bandai. Actually, the Bandai exists till today. But why did the console died so fast?


This console was retailed in the United States for $599 in 1995 but was brought down in just a couple of years of production in 1997.

  1. Apple Quick Take
Photo: Photo Rumors

The 90’s was not a good decade for the Apple. They continue to struggle on the competition. At that time, its products were so diverse that it use to produce the full-fledged digital camera. The Quick Take was manufactured by Kodak or Fujifilm (depending on model). This camera could store up to 8 pictures on in its built-in memory, can be transferred later to a MAC. The first camera was launched on 1992 and discontinued in 1997.

  1. Apple III
Photo: University of Maryland, Computer Science Department

Apple II sold out like a piece of cake. The company thought the new successor will also good in the market. However, things didn’t go as they thought.  The new Apple III was just a beefed up Apple II, with 512 KB of RAM, running in the operating system called SOS (Sophisticated Operating System). The Apple III was priced at $7,800. And you thought Macs today were expensive?

  1. The PowerBook Duo

Well, the Power Book Duo was one kind of a laptop. It could easily turn into a desktop whenever needed, just by sliding it into a special dock.  This product doesn’t have many ports, instead relying on the dock to provide the necessary interfaces. This product was eventually dropped in early 1997.

  1. Apple Interactive Television Box.
Photo: Wikipedia

This product was introduced in the mid-90s, when the Apple was struggling to reinvent itself. he “Apple Interactive Television Box”, which never left prototype stage, can be considered the world’s first set-top-box, which would work with, get ready: a subscription data service. But, its design was not so quite good and discontinued in 1995. However, after the eleven years a new version was released – Apple TV.

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