Galaxy S8 Iris scanner circumvented by the hacker.

iris scanner

Nowadays, the smartphone security is a big deal. Tech Companies are coming up with new tool and techniques to make your phone more secure. The fingerprint scanner is one of the best systems, but Samsung offers Iris scanner as part of its Galaxy s8.

Actually, Iris scanner system scans your eyes and unlocks your devices, which works pretty well. And it is supposed to be more secure than the fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, it seems it is pretty easy to bypass it using IR image and a contact lens

Hacker/Programmer Jan Krissler, AKA Starbug, published a video in which his relatively low-tech process unlock the secured Galaxy s8.  Simply, Starbug takes the infrared picture of the person and the Galaxy S8 can be fooled.

Just place the contact lens over the printout to the aforementioned photo in order to fool the smartphone’s iris sensor. Do you need to worry? Actually, it is not possible unless photo being taken in the first place.  So, thieves or people finding a locked smartphone are highly unlikely to have those at hands.

This proofs that, no matter what you do or how much you invest in security, people will get one way or another to screw it. And the secured things are not always 100% safe.

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