Latest list and price of Nokia phones in Nepal.

Nokia phones in Nepal

Once Nokia was the synonyms of mobiles phones. Though, the company could not maintain that fame and love for longer. Because it was unable to cope with changing innovation. Eventually, the company was taken over by Microsoft.

Well, fans still have nostalgia for Nokia phone. Even after such failure, Nokia is trying to stand-up from the grave. It seems the company is doing pretty well. As the 3310 (2017) was launched, it sold out like a piece of cake though which was just a revamped model of once famous Nokia 3310.

Talking about the Nepali market, Nokia is also getting well in the market. Though only a few models have been introduced, the company seems to be doing well and future phone from Nokia will also do well. However, the company should not lose the Nostalgia opportunity.

The good thing about the Nokia phones is that, unlike some other distributor, the distributor of Nokia is selling the phones for fair value.

Nevertheless, the success of Nokia will rely on how the company can grab the Nostalgia. For now, we have prepared the list and price of all available Nokia phones in Nepal (feature and smartphones).

Latest price of Nokia phones 
ModelPrice (Rs.)
Nokia N-105SS1,700
Nokia N-105DS1,790
Nokia 3310 (2017)5,250
Nokia 315,650
Nokia 521,350
Nokia 625,600

So, are you a fan of Nokia? Let us know about the list and price of Nokia phones in Nepal, in the comment box below.

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