Latest price of Sony’s products: Smartphones, PS, Camera and Headphones.


Are you tired of searching for every other product individually? Actually, we generally do not get the price of all products are the same place or we have to move from pages to pages to find the price.


To ease your difficulty, we have arranged the information of different products of Sony, like Smartphones, Speakers, Play Station, and Headphones at one place.

Sony Smartphones

Models Price
Xperia XA Rs. 19,000
Xperia XA Ultra Rs. 31,500
Xperia X Rs. 38,500
Xpera XZ Rs. 59, 500



Model Bundled Lens MRP
ILCE-9 BODY ONLY Rs. 515,000
ILCE-7RM2 BODY ONLY Rs. 317,000
ILCE-7SM2 BODY ONLY Rs. 302,000
ILCE-7R BODY ONLY Rs. 290,000
ILCE-7M2 BODY ONLY Rs. 198,000
ILCE-7M2K SEL2870 Rs. 215,000
ILCE-6500 BODY ONLY Rs. 163,500
ILCE-6300L SEL1650 Rs. 136,000
ILCE-6000L SEL1650 Rs. 79,200
ILCE-5000L SEL1650 Rs. 74,000
ILCE-5100L SELP1650 Rs. 63,700
ILCE-6000 Body Only Rs. 58,500
SEL55210 (Lens) Rs. 26,600

Customers get a year of warranty with our cameras and also get to participate in free photography training sessions organized by the company on a regular basis.



Console Price
PS4 Slim (Bundle) Rs. 55,000
PS4 Pro Rs. 60,000
PS VR Rs. 65,000


PS4 Slim bundle includes one extra controller and one game CD.

Price is inclusive of VAT and the product comes with a year of official warranty.


Wireless Speakers 

Speakers Price
SRS-XB2 Rs. 14000
SRS-XB3 Rs. 21500
SRS-X11 Rs. 10500
SRS-X99 Rs. 90000
SRS-HG1 Rs. 26500



The latest one that they have is MDR-1000X. This is a highly acclaimed headphone internationally for its awesome sound canceling abilities. 

MRP is Rs. 51,000

Major Specifications,

  • Driver UNIT
  • 57″, dome type (CCAW Voice Coil)
  • Frequency Response
  • 4 Hz-40,000 Hz
  • Headphone cable (approx. 4.92′, silver-coated OFC strands, gold-plated stereo mini plug)


  • Digital noise canceling technology
  • High-quality wireless audio with LDAC
  • High-resolution audio compatible
  • 57″ HD driver unit for dynamic range
  • Aluminium-coated LCP diaphragm minimizes distortion

We will post the latest price of other companies too. Till then, do not forget to share your views about the Sony, in the comment box below. 

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