Why is Local Disk C is the default drive in Windows Operating System!

Local Disk C

Computers have become a necessity, once considered luxury item it’s now accessible anyone who wants to have it. Laptops have the significate role in the way life of an average user have changed around computers. On the top, the internet has also changed the daily life.

Talking about computers, what comes in your mind? Probably the PC, or may be MAC. Isn’t it. Today we are going to discuss the Windows PC.

We can guarantee that all of us have knowledge on Windows Operating system and most of us are currently using the Windows OS. Though, the MACs are also giving a tough competition. Still, a majority of the population use the Windows OS.

Let’s focus on the topic, most of the Windows OS users must have come across the naming of Local Storage Drives, like Local Disk (C:), Local Disk (D:), etc. You can change the name but cannot change the C: or D: Have wondered why “C” is the default drive of your Windows PC, why not D, E, F, or any other alphabet. Moreover, if you insert external hard drive or pen drive it is labeled D, E, F, or beyond but not C.

On the top of that, why not “A” or “B”?

Here’s why?

In early days of evolution period of PC, the computers didn’t have any huge internal storage system as we have now. To store the data they have to use something called Floppy Disk. And also, the hard disk became standards only after 1980.

The Floppy Disk Drive was the primary storage device, which was introduced since 1960. These drives use to come in a couple of sizes 5 ¼” and 3 ½”. And these two drives were labeled as the Local Disk (A) and Local Disk (B). So, after the hard disk came into existence, it was labeled as Local Disk (C). And then, the hard disk gradually became the primary source for storage and Floppy Disk began to fade out, eventually became the dinosaur.

So, the alphabet A and B were already assigned for these couple of Floppy Disk, and alphabet C was next, that’s why Local Disk C is the default drive name.

So, you know why Local Disk C is the default drive name. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below.



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