Making calls through Viber Out is illegal, says NTA.

Viber Out

How often, do you use Viber app? Viber is one of the most used communication application in Nepal. Most of the VoIP call is made through the Viber, as this is free and convenient. Furthermore, have you ever tried using Viber Out, for making local calls? If yes, be aware that is illegal, if found, you will be punished.  

Seeing such craze, the Viber also invested millions of dollars in the country. Along with new features, the Viber also started Viber Out feature. with the partnership with Esewa, you can pay for Viber out credit which was possible only if you had the dollar, from which you can call in any landline and mobile phone from the Viber.

However, Viber Out service is illegal in Nepal. Users are not allowed to make calls in any numbers, inside the country, if found, the user will be punished. “Making calls to landlines and mobile numbers, from the Viber Out is illegal,” says Min Prasad Aryal, Spokesman of Nepali Telecom Authority.  According to Nepal Telecommunication Directory, IP calls can be made only in IP, but making calls to other is prohibited.

The Telecom Authority adds, Viber Out is controlled from outside the country, which will affect the revenue of the government.  Further, Spokesman of Authority, Pratibha Baidya, says “it seems Viber is using Nepal Telecom’s Gateway illegally”. The company interested in such service should pay certain charges, then only they will get the license. Though, the Viber has not taken any legal authority/license. 

Furthermore, the authority guess that such apps like Viber might be the reason behind, for decreasing revenue from the internal calls

In 2015, at the time of the earthquake, the Viber allowed the customer to use Viber Out service free. But, after coming officially to Nepal, it started Viber out service to Nepalese customers, which is now deemed illegal by NTA.

So, should Viber stop the service Viber Out? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. 
Source: Nagarik News

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