Nepal Telecom Promotional Offer: Garb before it slips away.

Nepal Telecom has launched a new “Nepal Telecom Promotional Offer” for GSM/CDMA/FTTH customers. Along with this, you can also receive a bonus on International incoming calls. The offer will start from tomorrow, 16th Sharwan 2074 and will last for 90 days. The offer is available for existing customers also.

Under this offer now, 1 Mbps ADSL will cost Rs.1000 including TAX, monthly. Previously 256 kbps costs Rs. 1,017 monthly. The price of volume based package has also been deducted. Previously 21GB used to cost Rs. 1980. Now the new cost is Rs. 300 for 15GB, Rs.500 for 25GB and Rs.700 for 40GB. The data speed will be 1 Mbps.

And also, the registration charge has also been deducted. Previously registration charge was Rs.500 and now volume based registration will cost Rs.200 and unlimited will cost Rs.300, excluding tax.

The volume of previous FTTH data has been doubled, the price remained same. Now in 10 Mbps package, you can use maximum of 240GB for 3 months, 500GB for 6 months and 1200GB for 1 year. In 100 Mbps package, you can use 1200GB for 12 months.

And finally, you can receive a bonus in International incoming calls. For the GSM/CDMA prepaid/postpaid users, you if receive 7 minutes or more international call in a week you can get a bonus of 7 minutes of the call and 7 free SMS. This bonus will be valid only within Nepal Telecom network.

Nepal Telecom Promotional Offer

So, hurry-up, don’t let the offer “Nepal Telecom promotional offer” slip off. 

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