The upcoming iPhone 8 will be insanely awesome.

iPhone 8
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It has been just few week since the iPhone 7 arrived here in Nepal. We haven’t got enough time to enjoy phone, the rumors about the new iPhone 8 is already floating around on the internet. This time the Apple is going to make it really big. Threats from Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, etc. has really shaken the Apple. Apple has no choice other than innovation in the smartphones. We are really hopeful, Apple will bring something really shocking in their next iPhone.

Based on the rumors, we have prepared the possible features in the upcoming iPhone 8, as listed below:

Retina Scanner:

Human fingerprints were thought to be unique. But, there are many cases that the fingerprint of different person could be same. It does not seem so much secured way, so the Apple could come up with the feature of Eye Retina scanning system.

Wireless Charging:

Apple already removed the 3.5mm audio jack from the iPhone 7. It is possible that the company also could remove the charging port also. Though the wireless charging takes more time than usual charging system, Apple expected to innovate with fast charging system in the wireless charging technology.

OLED display:

OLED is the latest technology, only seen on some selected televisions and laptops. So, there is a possibility that Apple could introduce OLED display in upcoming iPhone.

No home button:

Steve Jobs also never wanted the home button to be there but he had no choice. But, it is rumored the Apple will also remove the home button from the phone.

Edge to edge display:

We already saw some edge to edge display phones like Samsung Galaxy s6 and s7 edge, Xiaomi Mi Mix, etc. Apple could go further, with literal bezel-less phones.

3 models- one OLED and two standards

Apple is rumored to have 5.8-inch tall iPhone with OLED display and two standards without OLED display. The standards will be 5-inch and 5.7-inch tall.

Apple’s said to have more than 10 different iPhone prototype under development.

So far, these are the possible features that can be introduced in the next iPhone. However, the Apple is very good at keeping secrets, we have to wait until the company launches the phone next  year.

Do not forget to share your thoughts about the upcoming iPhone 8, in the comment box below. And if you have any confusion or queries, you can always ask here.

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