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Nepal Telecom is establishing itself as a leader in the telecom industry. For this, they are trying everything from music streaming apps to data offers for its customers. Now for the convenience of the user, the company has launched an online store to purchase data.

The customers already had an option of buying data package from SMS, NT app, or USSD. To buy the package, the customers can simply dial *1415# or by sending SMS to 1415. Now adding to this, the company has launched online offer to purchase data package according to the press release from the company. Here is the press release.

To buy the package, you will need the PUK number. To know the PUK number, you can simply send SMS PUK to 1415.  

You can click here to know more about the package.

Additionally, the Nepal Telecom has waived the charge for certain PSTN supplementary services. 

  • Caller ID: Enable the display of calling number
  • Originating restriction of ISD service: Restrict the ISD service
  • Abbreviated dialing: Save frequently used numbers in two digits and use the short code in place.
  • Call transfer: Unconditional call diverts from one number to another number
  • Conditional call divert: Call divert based on the conditions as Busy Transfer and No Answer Transfer
  • Wake up Call: Telephone to use as an alarm to wake up at a predefined time
  • Call Waiting: Enable another call coming during the ongoing call

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