Wi-Fi is more important than Sex, Chocolate and Alcohol- Survey


If you were given the option to choose one among Sex, Chocolate, Alcohol, and the Wi-Fi, what would you choose?

Well, we all love fast internet connection in our office/house.  Can we say that we are crazy about the Wi-Fi? I don’t think that anyone could just sit around without going to the internet just for one hour.

But much is that craze? A survey conducted by iPass, a leading provider of global mobile connectivity showed that people loved Wi-Fi than sex, chocolate, and Alcohol.  The company surveyed 1700 working professionals across Europe and US.

The iPass asked the participants to rank the importance of Wi-Fi, Sex, Chocolate and Alcohol on the basis of necessity on the scale of 1-4. 4 being the least important and 1 being the most important.

The result was jaw-dropping, nearly 40% of the participants preferred Wi-Fi over the other three choices. While 37%, 14%, and 9% people choose sex, chocolate and alcohol respectively.

Pat Hume, chief commercial officer at iPass said “Wi-Fi is not only the most popular method of internet connectivity, it has surpassed many other human luxuries and necessities”

The time will tell what will be the outcome of such craze. Moreover, I am afraid that it might change the Maslow’s need hierarchy theory.

Till then, what do you think about this? What do you love most, sex, chocolate, alcohol or the Wi-Fi? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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