Yonder App: Unlimited music to listen and share with the world.

Yonder App

For the first time in Nepal, Ncell has brought a new app called Yonder App, from which you can listen to music for free. With the tagline “Experience music in a whole new way with Yonder Music, Exclusive for all Ncell Customers”, almost all Nepali songs are free to listen. From the app, you can listen to your favorite Nepali, English, Hindi, songs. Yonder is available for Android and iOS mobile devices at the moment.

Features of Yonder App

  • Access to over 20 million songs
  • Sing along to your favorite Nepali and International karaoke tracks
  • Share your karaoke snaps on social media
  • Download and listen your songs offline

The Ncell seems pretty aggressive, the initiation taken by the company is quite impressive. However, for now, the app is free to use, we have some guess and some history, that the company might eventually charge you to become a premium member, in near future. Because the main motive of the company is profit, we don’t think that they won’t leave this app without taking out from the customers’ pocket. Nevertheless, enjoy the music till its free.

You can download the app from here for iOS users and from here for Android users.

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